What to do if your car has expired registration?

Posted On March 21st, 2019

Do you think there is no point in renewing the registration of your junk car if it does not run? Well, you are wrong to assume that! You might be breaking a local law if your junk car has an expired registration. Initially, you might just get a warning but if you do not get it registered even then it could lead to fines, sometimes as high as $100 each day. Nobody would want to end up in a situation like this.

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Here are a few important things to know if you have got an unregistered car just waiting to get a ticket:

1. The Law:

These laws were established to prevent junk car bodies from cluttering upon properties, ruining landscapes, for the safety of drivers and increasing landfills. The greatest hazard is the leaking of toxic fluids, such as fuel, lubricant, refrigerant, or brake fluid. These dangerous chemicals could seep into the ground and contaminate the water supply.cash for car qld

2. The Fix:

You are lucky if your junk car is unregistered and no one ever complained about it. This could be brought to the attention of the authorities putting you up for a hassle as they would want you to take care of it fast. You do not want to end up spending money in fines, right? Why not completely avoid the situation by selling your car to a salvage yard? It is the quickest and the most reliable way to deal with an unregistered junk car. Cash for Cars Qld is cash for car company who will tow your car to the wrecking yard for free, so you do not have to drive an unregistered vehicle. Selling your junk car to us is not only good for you but for the economy and for the environment as well. You get the unregistered junk vehicle off your property and earn cash on the spot when you hand over your vehicle.

You will need to provide proof of ownership when you sell your junk car to salvagers such as a title.
Cash for Cars Qld will guide you through the process if your car lacks any important piece of paper. Call us now at 0424 669 757