FAQ’s: Cash for Cars Brisbane QLD

The Cash for Car industry in Queensland is very straightforward. You have a car you’d like to sell? We’ll buy it – no matter what quality or condition it might be in. Common questions we are asked by people who wish to sell their new or used car to us in Queensland?

Q. What price can I get for my car?

The price we’ll give you for your car will depend on the following factors:

1. Your car’s age – the newer your car, the more you’ll get for it. A new car, or a car with 20,000 or fewer kilometres under its bonnet, could fetch you a price of upto $9999

2. The number of owners your car has had – different drivers have different driving styles – so Cash for Car dealers and Car Buyers in Australia will give you less for your car if it’s been through more than one owner

3. Whether your car is registered or not – if your car is not registered, you will get less compared to if it were

4. Your car‘s accident history – once a car’s been involved in an accident, it rarely performs the way it did, prior to the accident. For this reason, Cash for Car dealers will remove a percentage of the original value your car once had

5.  Kilometres your car, van, truck or SUV has travelled – the fewer the kilometres your car, van, truck or SUV – the higher its price will be. As your car’s kilometres increase, the price Cash for Car dealers offer for it will decrease

Q. Is it worthwhile shopping around for Car Quotes while selling my second hand or used car?

You’re free to shop around with multiple Cash for Car Dealers for quotes. You are unlikely to find much variance between quotes, however.

The Cash for Car industry in Australia is fairly well organised these days. This means prices of old cars are standardised much the way prices of Chiklets are.

Your goal, when shopping around, is always only going to be to make sure the person or Cash for Car Dealer or Wrecker is not ripping you off.

Most won’t do that as the Cash for Car business in Queensland is competitive, the way all business is.

Q. Are Cash for Cars Dealers honest?

Well, all we’ll say is, at Cash for Cars Brisbane Qld, is ‘they better be!”.

The Cash for Car industry in Queensland and across the world is highly regulated.

To operate in the industry, you need to be licensed. Most cash for car dealers are, if you are unsure, ask your dealer to show you their license. They must carry it on their person when negotiating to buy or sell a vehicle.

Q. My car doesn’t run any more – how do I get it to the Cash for Car dealer’s premises?

Don’t worry about that, at all. Cash for car dealers will drive to you to see your car. If they like it, they’ll make you an offer on the spot.

Most Cash for Car dealers carries Vehicle Transport Papers in their Pick Up Vans. You can arrange to sell and Transfer Your Vehicle to them moments after they inspect and give it the all clear.

Q. When do they (Cash for Car dealers) pay me my money?

On the spot. Cash for car dealers are men in a hurry. They don’t muck around when it comes to cash – paying or receiving it.

If you’re serious about selling your car, then Cash for Car dealers will give you a price and pick up option few other Car Buyers will be able to match.

To sell your car – new, used, working, not working, registered, not registered, with car finance or no car finance outstanding – please contact Cash for Cars Brisbane Qld QLD on 0424 669 757. Alternatively, fill in the FREE Quote Form online and hit that submit button!

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