Scrap Car Recycle Brisbane Vs. Scrap Car Disposal Brisbane – Which Is the Better Option?

Posted On April 3rd, 2018

Brisbane scraps car owners have an eco-friendly choice when disposing of their cars. Most people hear the word “eco-friendly” and immediately approve as they know that eco-friendly is practising green standards. Cash For Cars QLD offers the following information on car recycles & disposals and getting a free Car Removal.

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Scrap Car Recycles Vs. Scrap Car Disposals

Firstly, when a car is in scrap condition, don’t choose the latter option. Scrap car disposals are hazardous as the cars are disposed of in a landfill. Not only does the car pollute the environment for hundreds of years, getting it to the landfill will cost you quite a lot as well. Did you know that as the car sits in a landfill, abandoned, it creates toxins that contaminate the environment? So, right away, most scrap car owners know not to dispose of their cars in a landfill. Now, when it comes to eco-friendly recycling, what goes into the landfill? Not much, if anything. Cash For Cars QLD recycles nearly the entire car. Hazardous fluids will be properly contained and disposed of; fluids such as oil of the car will be recycled. The engine is then torn apart, and the parts will be recycled for their metals. Once the car is just a bare shell, it will be crushed and recycled into new steel. The entire process is one that saves resources and preserves the environment.

Selling Your Car to Cash For Cars QLD

When you sell your car to Cash For Cars QLD, you have a Car Removal company that recycles cars, offering our services at no cost to our customers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba. Our customers also receive top cash for their cars. Selling your car to us is quite simple. You have a scrap car that you’d like removed from your property and recycled, and we will buy it offering a free removal to our local areas, and recycling for free. It is that simple to sell your scrap car to Cash For Cars QLD.

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To obtain a cash quote for your car & a free Car Removal and recycling, please contact us at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage to complete our online form. With Cash For Cars QLD you have a car buyer that is ready to remove and recycle your car today.

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